Marcussen & Søn Orgelbyggeri A/S

At Marcussen & Søn, we build and restore pipe organs for the benefit of organists, churchgoers and other music lovers all over the world. We build pipe organs for lasting enjoyment for the users and for lasting pride for ourselves. We are proud of what we deliver and are extra proud when organists all over the world "radiate" when they play a Marcussen & Son organ.

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We are a company based on a rich craftsman tradition. We strive to be perceived as the organ building company that best creates long lasting joy and inspiration for the people.

We constantly evolve the process of building unique pipe organs, and we want to master the complexity of the instrument in all areas of the process: architecture, craft, engineering, and sound.

Thus, we ensure that our organs are adapted to time and place.


It is with special pride and eagerness every time we start building a new pipe organ. Every time a pipe organ sees the light of day, it is because a large number of people have contributed with the best of their knowledge and skills.
With dedication and a strong sense of quality at all stages, we build organs characterised by long durability and unique sound that fits perfectly with the surroundings.

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Over the years we have been given the task to rebuild several existing pipe organs. The tasks have been very diverse, and they have covered everything from adding a single, independent pedal voice into a pipe organ with a single manual to more extensive rebuilding, where an extra manual, often a swirl piece, is built into an organ.

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Over the years, we have been entrusted with many tasks within restoration of pipe organs both in Denmark and internationally. In Denmark, we have carried out restorations and reconstructions of significant historical pipe organs in, among others the Roskilde Cathedral, which is on the UNESCO's World Heritage List, Clausholm Castle Chapel and Sct. Mariæ Church, Helsingør, just as we have restored several preserved Marcussen organs from the 19th century. International restoration tasks include: St. Bavo Kerk and Nieuwe Kerk, both in Holland.

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A pipe organ is a sensitive instrument. Continuous maintenance is therefore crucial for the experience. We prefer to inspect your pipe organ once a year, and we do not hesitate to visit you if you experience any problem with your organ.

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  • Brødremenighedens kirke in Christiansfeld
    The craftsmanship of the restoration / reconstruction is convincing and the work is done with accomplished and in the right" spirit "- done with great experience, understanding and consciousness of traditions. With the special dimensions and very long mechanical connections, the organ has always been demanding to play. With the recent work done the pipe organ is - probably better than ever – and it that corresponds naturally to the rich, healthy and solid sound impressions.
    The competent, very patient-minded intonation work deserves great praise.
    Brødremenighedens kirke in Christiansfeld
    In the declaration of approval from May 2017 it is stated that