Current Work

Trinity Church, Fredericia

In 2024, we are carrying out various restoration and changes to the organ in Trinitatis Church. This includes partial renewal of pipes and revoicing of the organ. New stop panels and a new combination system will be built into the existing console. In addition, a new, mobile console will be delivered, which will be placed in the church room.

The organ was built by P. Bruhn & Son in 1979; with partial reuse of pipes from the church's previous organ (built in 1929 by Th. Frobenius & Co. with reuse of Knud Olsen pipes from 1861, revised 1952 by the same); expanded and rebuilt 1996 by P.G. Andersen & Bruhn; the rückpositive is set up behind an older organ facade (Knud Olsen 1861).

The organ comprises 44 voices + 1 transmitted voice on the Great, Rückpositive, Swell and Pedal, with mechanical action and electric stop action.




The organ in Fredensborg Palace Chapel will be restored in 2023.

The organ was build by Marcussen & Reuter in 1846. It has 17 stops.

The project is supported by the Johan Otto Wroblewskis Foundation.



In 2024  a new organ with 21 stops (2 Manuals & Pedal) will be installed at Kgs. Lyngby Church. The organ will be built in cooperation with organbuilder Anders Havgaard Rasmussen.



The organ at Frederiksberg Church will be restored and rebuilt in 2024.  The organ was built by Marcussen & Søn in 1947. The historic organ facade was reused in front of the great organ (H.J. Müller 1754).  The organ cases and the Rückpositive was designed by Prof. Kaare Klint (who also was in charge of the completion of the Grundtvigs Kirke in Copenhagen). 3 new pedal stops were added in 1986, and the specification now includes 34 stops on 3 manuals & pedal, with mechanical key and stop action, apart from the swell organ (Overværk) which is controlled  electropneumatically. The restoration project includes a new mechanical console,  and the swell organ (Overværk) will be changed to mechanical key action/electrical stop action, further the pedal and swell organs will be equipped with new organ cases and with new and rebuilt windchests. Changes of the specification, including renewal of reed stops, will be carried out.  


New organ for Løsning church.

2 man. og pedal, 15 stops.

Some pipes and parts from the Esbjerg Missionhus ”Bethania”, Marcussen & Søn 1955, are being reused. The keyborad is from the Løgumkloster church organ, Marcussen & Søn 1969.    

A new facade has been created in collaboration with Linjen Arkitekter.



The sound of a Marcussen & Son organ is something special. Since our very beginning, the sound has been a central part of our hallmark – and so it remains. A pipe organ from Marcussen & Son is known by the sound. We are proud when we are told that music lovers clearly feel and hear the difference and know when it is a Marcussen & Son organ that is played. We are dedicated to ensure that the organs we build fits perfectly with the specific room.

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