New organs

At Marcussen & Søn, all professional skills are represented, and we are continually producing our own metal pipes and reeds in our workshops and foundry. Our employees each contribute with their special expertise during the manufacturing, all the way until the instrument has been installed at its destination.


The sound of a Marcussen & Son organ is something special. Since our very beginning, the sound has been a central part of our hallmark – and so it remains. A pipe organ from Marcussen & Son is known by the sound. We are proud when we are told that music lovers clearly feel and hear the difference and know when it is a Marcussen & Son organ that is played.

We are dedicated to ensure that the organs we build fits perfectly with the specific room.

Se mere her

The casting shop

In the casting shop, the tin plates are manufactured, and then further processed on the great planing machine. Skilled pipe makers, at the metal pipe workshop, perform the precision work of manufacturing metal pipes in various forms and sizes. The pipes are made of alloys varying from a high content of lead for the flute pipes, to a high content of tin for the façade pipes.

The assembly hall

As the different organ components are ready, the employees bring them to the assembly hall – the heart of the organ building company. Here the components are set up and tested, before the organ is dismantled and transported carefully to its destination. At last the organ is assembled on site, and the tonal finishing is done, so both design and sound are fitted to the surroundings of the organ.

  • The unique Marcussen character is not to be mistaken. This pipe organ has got its own unique personality and is to be considered among the best of international concert hall organs. The result is not perceived a copy or a compromise, but as a coherent whole of "universal" character.
    The intonation work is done at the highest level; the organ sounds convincingly big - but in addition simply remarkably beautiful.
    Quote from the Declaration of Approval, November 2014