TV Syd’s series “I godt selskab” ( In Good Company) visited Marcussen & Søn in January 2017.

Click here to watch the feature (in Danish speak only)


HM the Queen and HRH the Prince Consort visited Marcussen & Søn on September 4, 2015. Among other things Claudia Zachariassen showed them the installation of the new organ for St. Mary’s Church in Süderlügum.  Photo: Lene Esthave




Marcussen & Søn in DR’s P2 (the Danish Broadcasting Corporation)

Radio reporter of P2, Jakob Wivel, visited the organ building company in August 2013, where he gained insight into the manufacturing of an organ pipe. The program series “The Nerds are coming” explore the music’s intricacies.

Listen to the program (in Danish only), and click here to go to the program site.


Marcussen & Søn in TV2/Nord

TV2/Nord visited the organ building company in April 2013, and made the feature “A Musical Assembly Kit” that portrays the manufacturing of the impressing concert organ for the House of Music in Aalborg, which is to be completed mid-2014. Watch the videos to discover how the more than 5000 pipes are going to sound like an entire orchestra, and how big of a puzzle the project really is – a musical assembly kit in the size of a three-storey house.

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Marcussen & Søn in 24NORDJYSKE

24NORDJYSKE’s series about the new House of Music in Aalborg visited the organ building company in 2013. This led to the production of two TV programmes about the exacting process of manufacturing the concert organ from the basis. Watch the videos to your right – in the first you are taken to the workshops in Aabenraa to watch the start of the process, hear about the preparations and challenges, and learn about the difference between a church organ and the concert organ. In the second video you get a close look at the installation of the concert organ. Watch the 12 meters high building in details, and discover what cashmere, graphite and sheepskin are used for in this connection.

The concert organ is to be completed mid-2014.

Click on the videos to watch the programs (in Danish only)


Marcussen & Søn in TV Syd

TV Syd’s series “Good Work” follows the work procedures of a number of companies. The host Søren Vesterby visited our organ building company in 2010. He toured the workshops, and met among others manager Claudia Zachariassen, who told about the construction of a pipe organ.

Watch the program (in Danish only).

Marcussen & Søn on Danish Radio programme “Stedsans” (Sense of locality)

In 2010 the radio journalist Claus Berthelsen from DR P1 Stedsans visited Marcussen & Søn. Stedsans is an interview programme that each Thursday takes its listeners to a different place in Denmark.

Listen to the program and read an article about it (in Danish only).


Marcussen & Søn – A portrait

The movie follows the fascinating making of an organ for the concert hall at the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in Esbjerg, DK (produced in 2002). It follows the work at the organ building workshops, and the installation and voicing in the concert hall. Further examples of restoration projects are presented. Simultaneously the story behind Marcussen & Søn, and the development in organ building through time, is told. All supported by photos of beautiful organs and organ music.