Current Work

Hørning Church

The organ is rebuild and extended to 14 stops. The organ was originally built in 1982 by Bruno Christensen & Sønner, in 2005 it was installed on a new gallery. The manual divisions were placed on shared windchest. A new swell organ will be placed over the main organ. The organ front will be equipped with additional 8′ pipes. 

The Concert Hall · The Royal Danish Academy of Music

In 1946 Marcussen & Søn built the organ for the concert hall, which was then the home of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation.  In 2009 and 2017 the electro-pneumatic action was restored and equipped with new digital transmitting and combinations systems. Further the wind system was restored and two stops were added in the pedal: Basun 16′ og Trompet 8′, and the existing chamade changed stop names to Trompette 8′ og Bombarde 16′. In 2020 the organ will be revoiced.


Århus Cathedral

In 2018-2020 the main organ at Århus Cathedral will be restored. The organ was built by Th. Frobenius & Co. in 1928, with reuse of the L.D. Kastens facade from 1730. The majority of the pipes are from 1928, however with numerous later rebuilds. The pipework also contains material from 1730 (L.D. Kastens), 1855 (P.U.F. Demant), 1869-76 (J.A. Demant).
The specification of the 1928 organ will be reconstructed, by relocation of pipes to their original divisions and by reconstruction of pipes, partly by using old, adequate pipe material.


Brabrand Church

The organ was built by Marcussen & Søn in 1945 and a rückpositive was added in 1992. In 2019 new stops will be added in great and swell divisions, the wind system will be changed to wedge shaped bellows. The pedal will be relocated and extended, built in to a separate organ case situated in the north side of the gallery. The extended organ will have 31 stops on great, swell, rückpostive and pedal. Mechanical action and both mechanical and electrical stop action.