Vor Frue Kirke · Nyborg

» Positives and choir organs

The organ was built for Vor Frue Kirke (Church of our Lady) in 1830 by  P.U.F. Demant. In 1872 the organ was rebuilt and relocated to Haslund church. Since 2007 the organ is back in Nyborg, and serves now as a choir organ, after a  restoration.

Manual C-c3
Gemshorn 8’   C-H combined with Tectus 8’, from c metal pipes
Tectus 8’           C-h pipes of wood
Principal 4’      of metal
Fløjte 4’             of metal

Windpressure: 80 mm
Pitch: 443 Hz. at 21 gr. C. Equal temperament.