Sct. Jørgens Kirke i Aabenraa

» Church organs 1848-

The organ is placed on a new gallery and both organ front and gallery are designed in cooperation with architect Gert Madsen. The Great organ is placed in the front, the Swell and Pedal organs are placed at the back, in the tower room. The detached console is placed between the Great and Swell organs. The windsystem, with wedge bellows and blower, is also placed in the tower room. The design of the new gallery and the position of the console provide good space for the church choir. The new organ replaces a Marcussen organ from 1967, which in 2016 will be relocated to Gjellerup Valgmenighedskirke (electoral congregation’s church).





Gemshorn 8’  C-F combined with Principal 8’
Manual: C – g3, C – f1
Coupler: H+S, H+S16’, P+H, P+S
Tremulant: Svell
Temperering: Equal,  440 hz. ved 20°C

I. manual
Principal 8’
Gemshorn 8’
Oktav 4’
Fløjte 2’
Sesquialtera II
Mixtur III
II. manual
Viola di gamba 8’
Bordun 8’
Fløjte 4’
Nasat 2 2/3’
Oktav 2’
Obo 8’
Subbas 16’
Oktavbas 8’
Rauschquint II
Fagot 16’