Løjt Kirke · Choir organ

» Positives and choir organs

This extremely compact, movable choir organ was built in 1999. The facade is designed by the architects Vilhelmsen, Marxen & Bech-Jensen. In the lower organ a division (I manual) with 4 stops, behind the front pipes a division (II manual) with 5 stops. The sliders are divided in bass/discant at h/c1. Principal 8′ discant and Octave 2′ are used as front pipes.

Compass: C-g3, C-d1.

Couplers:  I/II, I/P, II/P



l. Manual ll. Manual Pedal
Principal 8’ discant
Rørgedakt 8’
Fløjte 4’
Nasat 2 2/3’
Oktav 2’
Trægedakt 8’
Gedaktfløjte 4’
Cornet III discant
Vox humana 8’
Subbas 16’