Hässleholm Kirke · Sweden

» Church organs 1848-

The organ was built in 1955 and has 42 stops distributed on Great organ, Rückpositiv, Brustwerk (with Swell shades) and a Pedal. The pedal includes a separate cantus firmus section, which is placed over the brustwerk, with Skalmeje 4’ and Nathorn 2’ in front, further pedal stops on the  CF-windchest are Quintadena and Mixtur.
The organ has slider windchests, mechanical key action and stop action. The pedal however, has electro pneumatic stop action, with combinations.

This organ was the first Marcussen organ with a horizontal Trompet stop installed in Sweden.
The front was designed in cooperation with Cathedral architect Eiler Græbe, and the upper sections of the organ front, and ornaments, were carried out by a local craftsman in Sweden. .

Compass: C-g3, C-f1
Couplers: GO+Rp, GO+Bw, P+GO, P+Rp, P+Bw



I. Manual II. Manual III. Manual Pedal
Gedackt 8’
Quintadena 8’
Principal 8’
Koppelfloit 4’
Oktava 2’
Waldfloit 2’
Sivfloit 1 1/3’
Sesquialtera II
Scharf IV
Dulcian 16’
Krumhorn 8’
Great Organ
Quintadena 16’
Principal 8’
Rörflöit 8’
Oktava 4’
Spetsflöit 4’
Spetsquint 2 2/3’
Oktava 2’
Mixtur V
Cymbel III
Trumpet 8’ · in the facade
Gedackt 8‘
Blockfloit 4‘
Principal 2‘
Gedacktfloit 2‘
Oktava 1‘
Sesquialtera II
Cymbel I
Vox humana 8’
Regal 4’
Principal 16’
Subbas 16’
Oktava 8’
Gedackt 8’
Oktava 4’
Nachthorn 2’
Quintadena 2‘+1‘
Mixtur VI
Fagott 16‘
Trumpet 8‘
Skalmeja 4’
Cornet 2’