Egebaeksvang kirke

» Church organs 1848-

New organ with  21 stops, 1 transmitted stop, 2 manuals and pedal in Egebaeksvang Church (close to Elsinore, DK.)

The organ is placed on the existing gallery, in front and partially behind the tower arch. The Main and Pedal organs have shared windchest, with Trompet 8′ and Principal 8′ d-f’ as shared stops. On both sides additional pedal windchests for Subbas 16′ C-H, Fagot 16′ C-f1, behind front pipes from Octave 8′ C-cs. The Swell organ is placed in the tower room.

A few stops have pipes from the former organ (P. G. Andersen, 1966) :  Rauschquint II, Bordun 16′ C-H, Subbas 16′ d-h.

Electrical stop action, with combinations system (Laukhuff BUS Setzer), mechanical key action and couplers.

Wind System with built-in bellows.

Front design by Marcussen & Son. Design of colour decoration by Merete Christensen  & Bo Seedorff.





Main I Swell Pedal
Principal 8’

Blokfløjte 8’

Oktav 4’

Fløjte 4’

Cornet III

Oktav 2’

Mixtur III

Trompet 8’

Bordun 16’

Gamba 8’

Rørgedakt 8’

Celeste 8’

Italiensk Principal 4’

Nasat 2 2/3’

Waldfløjte 2’

Rauschquint II

Obo 8’

Subbas 16’

Oktav 8’

Gedakt 8’

Fagot 16’

Trompet 8’ tr. fra HV

Couplings: I+II, P+I, P+II

Tremulant: I og II, with electric regulation.