Bloomington · USA

» Positives and choir organs

Type: Positive organ
Work Completed: 2003-02
Architect: Marcussen & Søn
City / country: Bloomington, USA
The keyboard is arranged, by lateral offset of the keys, for transposing the pitch ½ tone down or ½ tone up. A blower and a wedge-shaped bellow with curtain valve is installed in the lower organ case. The case can be separated in a upper and lower section for transportation of the organ.
Height: 1,15 Width: 1,06 Depth: 0,48
Manual range: C-d’’’
Key action: mechanical
Stop action: mechanical
Stops: 4
Pipes: HH-dis’’’


Gedackt 8’
Flute 4′
Principal 8’
Regal 8’