Church of the Holy Cross · Copenhagen

» Church organs 1806-1847

Marcussen & Reuter built the organ in 1834 for Starup Church, and it is among the oldest Marcussen organs. In 1921 the organ was re-located to Bevtoft Church, it was partly rebuilt, and remained in the church until 2003.  In connection to the installation of a new Marcussen organ in Bevtoft church, the old organ was once again re-located, to the Church of the Holy Cross in Copenhagen.

The organ was restored in 1979, including a reconstruction of the original specification, with renewal of pipes in a few stops.

Manual C-f3
Gedakt 8’     1834
Fugara 8’     C-H combined with Gedakt 8‘, from c new 1979
Principal 4‘     1834, new frontpipes 1979, of which C-H sounding
Fløjte 4‘     1834
Quint 2 2/3‘    1834
Oktav 2‘    1834
Terts 1 3/5‘    new 1979
Trompet 8’    new, bass/discant divided at h/c1 1979

Pull-down pedal C-d1
Equal temperament, a’= ca. 438 Hz. at 18oC
Slider windchest, mechanical action and stop action.
In 1954 a new wind supply and electric blower was installed, however the original box bellows are preserved.