The employees of Marcussen & Søn possess solid experience within organ building, which ensures the high quality of the pipe organs. As an additional point of control, the quality of the materials and the craftsman performance are checked on a daily basis, to ensure that Marcussen & Søn can always guarantee the highest quality of the finished organ. The same thought is behind the process of manufacturing all parts of the organ by hand, based on constructional drawings made in the dimension 1:1, and detailed descriptions of the work. Before an organ is delivered, testing will be made of the wind chests, and all essential parts will be preinstalled in the assembly shop. The parts are matched to each other, and the mechanical functions are tested. The organ is dismantled and transported to its destination, where our skilled installers set up the organ. The voicers perform the tonal finishing by adjusting the sound of the pipework to the acoustics of the room, finally all functions of the organ is tested, including the fine-adjustment of the stop and key action.