Our external environment

We appreciate our location in the centre of Aabenraa, and therefore we want to contribute to the experiences in our local area. At the same time we are conscious about the importance of thinking about the environment, to the benefit of the following generations.

Our workshops are housed in beautiful old buildings in the town of Aabenraa in South Jutland. In 1744 the estate was owned by Mayor Peter Taysen, in 1802 by chancellery counsel Kanüts, followed in 1813 by district bailiff Sivers, and since 1830 it has been the property of Marcussen & Søn. Today the buildings are listed, and we preserve them without modernizations of neither the façade nor the courtyard environment, making it possible to admire the old architectural traits in the future.

In the production we also use tailored tools from the long history of our firm, and as a whole our workshops are an exciting place for visitors – and not only for organ enthusiasts. As a result, manager Claudia Zachariassen and her employees have at many occasions given tours in the workshops and told about organ manufacturing.



Marcussen & Søn Kulturarv Fredet



We have installed our own water purifying system, so that the water from the production is cleansed from metals, lead and tin, before it is led further on to the city’s wastewater treatment plant. At the same time, we are in full control of the entire process; from the processing of tin/lead sheets for the pipes, to the disposal of residual products. A lot of residual products are also used in the next production, as an example metal shavings are reused in the next processing of tin/lead sheets.
And as we are able to keep almost all stages of production within our own workshops, it ensures less CO2 emissions, as the part elements are not transported as much on the roads from plant to plant.