Our organs are highly valued for their characterful sound quality, providing joy of the instrument for many years, for organists, congregations and concert audiences. We combine tradition and experience with research and development in close dialogue with both organ consultants and architects. The traditions and the respect for uncompromising craftsmanship are ensured by the seventh generation of the organ builder family Marcussen-Zachariassen in the management and with the company’s skilled employees.

When a new pipe organ sees the light of the day, it is the result of our employees contributing with each their special expertise. At Marcussen & Søn we are proud that our own staff united contributes with all the necessary skills and enthusiasm needed to build the entire pipe organ from the basis. We are continually producing both the metal and reed pipes at our own workshops. In addition to a long durability of the organ, we hereby ensure that a new organ fits perfectly in its new surroundings concerning both sound and design. Read more about how an organ is built at Marcussen & Søn.

Besides manufacturing new organs, we restore, rebuild and maintain existing organs as well.  Due to the long history of the firm, we are able to draw on extensive knowledge and experience of organ building trough time, and we are therefore capable of restoring and maintaining organs with great understanding of the time, they were built in. Read more about our restored and rebuilt organs.